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Teacher Account features:

Post Course Description

The course description will always be available to student and parent.

Online Gradebook

You can post up-to-the-day grades for all students. This keeps the student (and parent) continuously informed on the student's current standing. You will have fewer inquiries concerning grades. Grade Connect will also automatically calculate quarter grades for you.

3 Grading methods

Teachers can use Grade Connect to calculate quarter grades using one of three available grading methods designed to match a variety of grading styles.

Post Assignments

You can post homework assignments, projects, etc. along with their due dates. The students' automatic calendar features constantly reminds them of upcoming deadlines as soon as they log in. Students can get their homework even while absent! Parents, if they wish, can always see when their children have homework.

Post Announcements

Remind your students of all upcoming events such as tests as soon as they log in. You can post any kind of announcement and attach it to either a single course or all of them.

Generate Progress Reports (and failure warnings)

Automatically generate reports on specific students or the whole class. It will generate Acrobat PDF files suitable for printing and distributing.

Automated multiple emails

Quick and easy access to student's emails and their parent's emails. You can select a single student, all students in a course, or all of your students in all of your courses!

Provide students with links to websites valuable to your course.

Text Books status

Keep track of the numbers and condition of each student's textbook. Details such as title, book condition and replacement cost are included.

Entering students into your course is not required. Students enter their own information after you set up the course.

We're sure you'll be very pleased with how GradeConnect will streamline your day and help "connect" you with your students and their parents!

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